Library at Faculty of Law, PES University is a hub of inter-disciplinary knowledge. The Central Library  at PES embraces the rich heritage and vibrant future of the user community; the library must create opportunities to participate, connect and discover by:

Encouraging freedom of access to information resources
Offering library space for users and ideas to come together
Providing materials and programs that entertain and inspire

The library is committed to provide excellent service and to manage the physical and financial assets of the library. To achieve this goal, the library:

Ensures that its collection policy is forward-looking; further, the collection is diverse in breadth and of international quality.

Make users aware of the resources available to them, and through innovation, the resources (even online) made available easily.

Preserves information across all formats and ensures effective storage and delivery systems, for future generation.

Ensures that physical and virtual spaces are in accordance with the changing habits of its users.

Collaborates with other institutions which are similar in nature.

Act as both real and virtual classroom.

Keeping in tune with the BCI requirements, we have a dedicated library at the department with numerous volumes of books, bound volumes, lexicons and case reporters. To enable and equip the students with modern technological tools, the department has also subscribed to :

  1. JSTOR
  2. Manupatra
  3. SCCOnline
  4. IndiaStat
  5. Hein Online
  6. EBSCO
  7. Proquest