Integrated Five-Years Undergraduate Programs

The faculty of Law at PES offers five year integrated BA, LL.B (Hons), BBA, LL.B (Hons) program spread over ten semesters. The curricula is designed and oriented to impart education in contemporary Business Management, Accounting, Laws and Legal procedures. Apart from this, we also integrate the modern technology enabled systems, processes and procedures in the methodology of imparting an optimal blend of teachings in Indian laws as well as International laws.This is to make sure that our students are employable in a globalized world. The program has been innovatively designed to cater to the growing challenges and complexities of the dynamic legal and business environment of India and abroad.

The BBA, LL.B (Hons.) program is accommodated with Contemporary Honors subjects like Business Environment, Mergers, Acquisitions and Business Restructuring, Corporate Governance, Capital Market Regulations, Copyrights, Drafting, Forensic Science, Penology, Comparative Constitution, Patents, Banking and ankruptcy, Maritime Laws, Juvenile Justice,Humanitarian and Refugee Law, Corporate Offenses, Air and Space Law, Investment Laws, IPR Litigation and Transactions, Commercial Arbitration, Trans-National Organized Crimes etc.The program is progressively dynamic in nature wherein there are Lab sessions included for better understanding of the BBA subjects. Apart from this, the students also undergo Internships, Moot Courts, Simulation and Negotiation exercises every year to get acquainted with the actual functioning of the Courts and Tribunals.